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Audio Calibration Services


Audio Calibration

The typical home cinema room, whether purpose built or having to double up as the family room is a difficult acoustic environment. 'Small' rooms are particularly prone to difficulties at lower sound frequencies as standing waves within the room upset the smooth frequency responses that the manufacturers of the audio equipment have spent so much attention trying to perfect. The room itself is a component of the sound reproduction chain and as ever the weakest link determines the end result. How can the room be improved?

Just as the Imaging Science Foundation has led the way in setting standards for video reproduction so too has the Home Acoustics Alliance championed the need for audio excellence.

Analysis of the acoustics of the room is the starting point and once again high tech equipment provides the answers. A Sencore SP295 real time analyser linked to a laptop computer measures the sound as heard at the main listening positions and compares this against reference tones from an audio signal generator. The difference between the two is partially due to the audio reproduction equipment but more dramatic differences are more usually due to the effects of the room itself.

The positioning of the loudspeakers, particularly the sub-woofer(s), and indeed the location of the listeners can have a major impact on the quality of the sound. The presence or absence of sound absorbing materials in the room and their location will also affect the acoustics of the room. In multi-channel systems the individual loudspeakers need to be balanced to give equal sound levels at the listening positions, they need to be in phase with each other, and the sound from each speaker needs to reach the listener at exactly the same time. Home cinema amplifiers or receivers usually provide the adjustments for these parameters but setting them up without specialist equipment can be a hit or miss process. With the SP295 the adjustments can be made with guaranteed accuracy and the report generated from the laptop provides clients with proof that the job has been done correctly.

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Audio services:

Level 1- Basic Service

This includes the following:

Check phasing of all channels.
Measure and adjust the output of all speakers to 75dB reference level.
Measure and adjust time delays of each channel.

Level 2 - System Analysis and Measurement

This includes the following:

Equipment Evaluation:

Check phasing of all channels
Distortion measurement of all speakers
Near field analysis
Crossover settings

Basic Calibration:

Measure and adjust the output of all speakers to reference level.
Measure and adjust time delays of each channel.

Room Measurements:

Measure ambient noise of listening room
Perform low frequency Real Time Analysis
Perform full frequency Real Time Analysis
Perform Energy Time Analysis
Analyse Early Reflections
Perform Resonance sweep


Adjust speaker and sub-woofer placement and listening positions
Adjust speaker toe-in.
Advise on resonant items in the room and rectify if possible.


Produce acoustical report documenting equipment performance, room effects and suggested improvements.

Basic Audio Service 60.00

Audio System Analysis and Measurement 250.00

There is no extra charge for travel for calibrations within an hour's drive of Market Drayton. Please ask for a quotation if you are further afield.

Payment is due on the day of calibration and can be made in cash, by cheque (provided it is supported by a guarantee card) or by credit card. All major credit cards are accepted although will be subject to prior telephone approval.

All prices shown on this website are EXCLUSIVE of VAT.